About Chris Yarbrough

Chris Yarbrough has always had a head full of ideas. Growing up on a steady diet of cartoons, comic books and video games will do that to you. Sometime in 2012, after years of changing plans on how to get these ideas out of his head, he decided to stop planning and get serious about extracting them from the made up worlds in his mind. It was time for Chris to get down to the business of writing. The result will be a collection of novels and short stories that may not always have much in common, but all needing to be written.

Chris is the husband of his dream girl and the father to three incredible kids. He spent a few years toiling away in the video game industry before going back to school and getting his BS in Computer Science from Texas State University. After growing up in California, he now lives in the Austin, TX area and works as a Web Developer by day. When he grows up Chris wants to play in the NHL (or just spend his days on a deserted island with his family writing and doodling).